Emotions and Shapes

Here's a few assignments I did in visual development class on designing emotions(happy, sad, tranquility, and rage) and shapes on familiar stories.  Not my best on using Photoshop but it was a fun experience.

Life Drawing for Animation

I haven't been uploading for awhile so here's a few drawings I did in "life drawing for animation" class during Fall semester.  Most are drawn in 30 sec to 2 min.


After School

During my last days in CalArts as a third year, I did not finish yet another film and won't get it all done in summer.  Here's a test scene I did awhile back.

As much as I want to finish my earlier films, old work is hard to come back to and many shots I see aren't worth spending too much time on.  I've decided that my second and third year film will end up being a teaser/trailer for my reel when school starts again.  Time to move on and start working on portfolio and idea for my fourth film.


More Watercolor Sketches!

Here's more sketches I did during my work on 3rd year film.  It's mostly my class in character design with Phil Rynda.

Sunny, Demi tria, and Sharon Mo
(Students I taught on watercoloring.)


Watercolor Sketchbook

Here's some watercolor sketches in cafe, school, and stores I did over the weekend.  I haven't drawn like this in awhile...


Film Design

Last few weeks of designs on characters for "Tigers Next Door".

Old Design


Old vs New boards

Redid some boards last week.  Posture and expressions are important in storytelling.


Mirror Me

One of the recent drawings I've done that's not related to film work.


Film Idea - Old & New

Second year film is currently on hiatus.  As for my third year film...

Old idea: Man and tiger living together in an apartment.  Slowly the tiger becomes more human than the man.

The idea was more on the experimental side than storytelling.  Will probably make it into an experimental film someday.  

New idea: Man finds out that his next door neighbors are tigers.  

Tigers are anthropomorphic with clothes and shoes.  Still fleshing out the idea but going somewhere with it.  Animatic is due next Monday!

Here's some designs from old to new:


Sun Jae

A character design assignment of a classmate randomly drawn.  I was lucky to get Sun Jae since I'm better at drawing guys over gals and knowing him well, I got some references on facebook for posture and facial expressions.  Teacher critic:  good on the face but hands and legs need to work better (1st & 2nd).


Kohaku and Kiara

Pictures I've done last summer.  Kohaku and Kiara are my first four-legged pets for 3 years.  They're about 3.5 years old now and still adorable as ever.  Here's a few caricatured versions of them.  I had most fun with Kohaku, B&W fat male cat.