Figure Class

Here's some of my figure drawing classwork:

Based on a photo. Trying a new style.


CTN Promo Card

Here's my card for the CTN Animation Expo this Friday.  I got the reference from the movie poster of "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford".


Watercolor Option

First Look
Final Look


Weird Tigers

I did the sketches during summer when I though of a film involving a tiger.  I wanted to design it really abstract and it end up looking weird-ish.


Ink Train

I drew this old train at the Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park two years ago. I started from a distance then close up every drawing. Here's what it looks like.

Ink wash on brown paper

Jack and Marley

Last fall in comic book class, I made a 13 page comic about a young woman whose roommates are Jack the jackalope and Marley the scarecrow.  Everything was done with ink and wash on bristol board then cleaned up and adjusted in Photoshop.  Check it out.


The Ass in the Lion's Skin

A story class assignment which is to pick a folk tale and do vignettes of the characters.  
I chose this story due to the title and how short it is.

48 Hour Film!

My first 48 hour film which took 3 whole days to finish(didn't sleep but dozed off a little) thus breaking the rules.  The theme is cactus and it was done in Flash.  It was shown last Saturday in the Palace at CalArts, unfortunately the audio a lot muffled than I thought....


Storyboards with Amanda

Amanda and I decided to do some board studies at the film library on Forrest Gump today.  We spent about 3-5 minutes each while pausing and drawing each shot for about 30 minutes.  Note to self: Never chat too long while boarding or you'll lose your touch on quick sketching...

It's cool to see the back of the page darkened with marker.



Here's some bird designs in character design class.

Here's a bird character in animation class.